Couture Colección

Couture Collection

There is a place where the perfection of Antolini’s natural stone meets the extraordinary creativity of Alessandro La Spada, it is where the exclusive Antolini Couture Collection comes to life. A collection made up of 12 motifs created and packaged with a sartorial method in which natural stone is expertly selected by Antolini, marries geometric, natural and artistic decorations. The impetuous force of nature in the Artistic Mood, the acceptance of the transience of things in the Organic Mood, and the authentic rigor of the forms in the Geometric Mood are the sources of inspiration of the Antolini Couture Collection. The peculiarities of each natural stone are greatly enhanced by the combination with metal materials that strengthens the finishes and shapes, creating a real work of art - suitable for environments of the highest quality and design. The Antolini Couture Collection aims to unite and harmonize the world of high fashion with the universe of nature, bringing to light the characteristics of each material, thanks to the uniqueness of La Spada’s designs. Natural stone is cut, worked, and assembled to create new motifs - as if it was the fabric of a dress, giving life to a bold and revolutionary collection, dedicated to unique and exclusive projects.