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An added value to natural stone

AVP is a revolutionary process for the natural stone sector that, through the use of the most innovative vacuum technologies, strengthens the entire thickness of the slab by using special resins of the highest quality, specifically and exclusively made for Antolini®.
This enables the safer and more effective processing of even very rare materials and enhances the beauty of the stone through the optimal polishing of all the materials, regardless of structure and petrographic composition.
Healing of natural fragilities
Structure consolidation with resins
AVP Technology AVP Technology
AVP® is a unique process that adds even more value to the quality of natural stone.
• The process is the outcome of years of extensive research and experimentation using aviation- and naval-derived components;
• AVP® involves the vacuum-soaking of the slabs with special resins of the highest quality, made specifically and exclusively for Antolini®.
Strengthens the entire thickness of the slabs
Protects the surface of the most fragile natural stones
Enhances the beauty of stones
Allows an optimal polishing
Antolini®’s international patented system
Hi-tech process
Increase cut resistance
Increase flexural strenght
AVP® is thus especially recommended for the most sought-after and rare materials like onyx, alabaster, breccia and quartzite.
Thanks to AVP®, Antolini® succeeds in offering its customers materials that otherwise, given their fragility, would be used only in a few applications.