Travertine is a sedimentary rock that formed by evaporation of hot water containing dissolved calcium, thus leaving finely crystallized calcite deposits. These deposits accumulate in horizontal layers over thousands of years. The holes in travertine are the pathways for the water as it passed up from the geothermal springs below. Its natural color is white. The other colors come from chemicals in the water and other debris, including ash from fires and volcanoes, animal remains and vegetation. Travertine is very durable, often used for exterior wall cladding and paving installations around the world.

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Travertine is a natural stone featured in a fascinating texture. Its warm, earthy tones create a visual effect that captivates design lovers.

Travertine by Antolini® for inimitable projects

Travertine is a high-quality material for design or architectural projects. From travertine quarries to slabs processed by Antolini®, this natural stone offers a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution, thanks to its timeless beauty and excellent craftsmanship.

Explore our wide range of travertines and be inspired by the many options available. 

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