Soapstone is talcoscist or talcy shale. Its most popular feature is its strong resistance to acids and high temperatures thanks to its structure and the presence of amphiboles, including talc, which gives the stone its soapy appearance.

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Soapstone is a metamorphic stone rich in history and beauty. Its uniform composition and iridescent appearance make it a versatile and popular material in a variety of contexts.

This natural stone is admired by architects and designers for its high heat resistance.

Soapstone by Antolini®

Soapstone slabs combine the power of nature with the refined craftsmanship of Made in Italy, creating fascinating elements for those who desire luxurious and elegant environments. Its refined simplicity makes this stone a perfect element for lovers of minimalist and contemporary styles, while its ability to withstand heat offers countless practical advantages for those designing a space. Soapstone is a material that finds a source of inspiration in its connection to nature. Simple, powerful and available in an infinite number of style variations, Soapstone is an ideal choice for creating high-impact environments. 

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