Granite is an igneous rock of volcanic origin, usually containing quartz, feldspar and some silica. Most granites are resistant to abrasion, weathering and chemicals. Feldspars give them their color. Aesthetically they appear homogeneous, veined with different shades of color.

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Granite is the perfect choice for realising elegant and lasting environments. 

Its geological composition makes it resistant to stains, etching and heat: therefore, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Antolini® refines a variety of granite types from all over the world, thus offering a wide range of colours and types.

Granite by Antolini®, the rock that wins your heart with its durability and beauty

Granite by Antolini® is synonymous with quality and passion in research. Granite offers uncompromising durability and longevity, thanks to its dense structure and robust mineral composition. Every slab of granite from Antolini® is carefully refined to ensure a unique experience and a distinctive character to your settings. Discover how the strong and durable granite by Antolini® can transform your settings into places of visual impact and timeless personality.

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