Quartzite is a sedimentary rock composed of fine grains of quartz, sand bonded by a cementing material, commonly silica, iron oxide or calcium carbonate. Quartzite is usually very dense, hard to scratch and abrasion resistant. It often features veins and complex color patterns similar in appearance to marble.

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Quartzite is a unique natural stone, loved for its intrinsic beauty and exceptional strength. Its geological origin, combined with complex formation processes, gives quartzite a variety of shades and veins that make it an ideal choice for your living spaces.

Quartzite by Antolini® for original design choices

The choice of quartzite as the main design material always proves to be successful. Antolini® offers a wide range of natural stones that can bring depth and character to any space. Thanks to the unique characteristics of this stone, architects and designers can use it in luxury interior and exterior design projects.

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