A company success story

The story of Antolini Luigi® & C. stretches back over 60 years.
The company has been at the forefront of developments in natural stone processing and new technologies, constantly evolving along the way and never overlooking the importance of quality.
Margherita and Luigi Antolini rent an old workshop and set up their business in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella. A few years later, thanks to Luigi Antolini’s visionary entrepreneurial spirit, Antolini Luigi® & C. is born.
The new company is moved to Sega di Cavaion, close to the River Adige, since the area was better suited to its activity. Nowdays this site still remains the company main headquarters.
Over the following years, the company strenghtens its position over the international markets and receives the first national Efibanca award, an official recognition of Antolini® high of quality production standards as well as its significant financial success.
Three companies merge to form the Eurotrading firm, stretching over an area of an area of 100,000 m².
The Antolini® group acquires the Rosa Beta quarry in Sardinia and the Sarizzo Antigorio quarry in Piedmont under the name “Licci Alti e Simplon Graniti”.
During the same period, Antolini® makes its first move into Brasil by setting up a Company called Eurobrasil Ltda, whose mission is focused onto overseeing new quarry opening and raw materials procurement in block form.
In 2001, Antolini® opens the Stone Boutique® showroom where the most exotic natural stone slabs are displayed. A few years later the space is completely renovated and dedicated to the display of the newly introduced Precioustone collection. In 2010, a further renovations carried out implementing completely new and innovative high tech lightning effects to highlight the unique characters of the exotic stone slabs on display.
The new Precioustone factory is opened. It is used for the production of slabs and semi-precious products.
In 2002, the company opens the Stone Gallery, a brand new showroom concept which stretching over 4000 m² and is later extended to 8000 m². The showroom is used to display striking bookmatched patterns made from exotic and exclusive materials.
The pioneering concepts behind Stone Boutique® and Stone Gallery quickly turn them into inspirational sites for professionals as well as the international architectural & design community.
The company also acquires the Brèche de Benou quarry (Brèche de Vendôme®), located in the French Pyrenees. The company begins to extract an ancient, noble material which has been used to adorn France’s most prestigious palaces – including Versailles – for centuries.
The new Eurotrading Madagascar company is set up in Madagascar.
Antolini® founds Zaibù in Zimbabwe. The company is tasked with running a Zimbabwe Black quarry – one of the world’s most precious black granites.
Antolini Luigi® & C. celebrates its 50th anniversary, a milestone that confirms the success of a company that has always been able to ensure growth and stay ahead of the market curve.
The new AVP (Antolini® Vacuum Process®) factory opens. A cutting-edge vacuum technology is developed to reinforce the entire thickness of slabs with special high-quality resins, thus allowing also the most exquisite and unique natural stones to be easily processed.
Antolini® holds the exclusive rights over the AVP process on worldwide basis.
The modern “Antolini do Brasil®” factory opens in the state of Espirito Santo, stretching more than 100,000 m², the factory houses production of natural stone slabs.
The new Onyx Pavillion showroom is completed. This 400 m² exhibition space is dedicated to the rarest, most prestigious onyx from around the world. Incidentally, the company’s first purchase of onyx was made by none other than founder Luigi Antolini, who bought the entire cargo of a ship arriving from Pakistan in 1970.
The company opens the new “Antolini® Stone Gallery”, the biggest and most comprehensive gallery of marble and natural stone the world has ever seen. It becomes a hub for designers, architects, constructors and end customers.
The new 16,000 m² Eurotrading exhibition space opens in Carrara. It features a new stone gallery stretching roughly 1500 m², which is used to display natural stone slabs from all over the world.
Antolini® celebrates its 60th anniversary with a big event at the Romano theatre, inviting all its international clients and Antolini® group staff.
In the same year, Antolini® opens the Luxury Village, a high-impact exhibition space designed to house the beautiful Precioustone, Gemstone, Shellstone, Perception, Alluminate and Natura Collections.
The company consolidates its pioneering reputation by again shaking up the natural stone market with the release of Azerocare®, a revolutionary technological process. This is the first specific protective treatment for marble and onyx, able to guarantee protection against stains and corrosion caused by contact between the surfaces and foods and other acid organic substances.
Antolini® opens WOW Factory, the first Industry 4.0 facility in the natural stone sector. All activities at this fully automated factory are carried out by robots, with the machines able to constantly communicate with each other during the various manufacturing phases.
The company launches AVT (Antolini® Vacuum Technology), an innovative technology which uses an industrialised vacuum-seal process to strengthen the stone-based material on the production line.
Antolini® introduces a dedicated Quality Control Line to ensure that the quality of the products that leave the factory is second to none.
An Azerobact® antibacterial treatment is introduced for all slabs. It is the first – and only – natural stone treatment that prevents the growth of bacteria and mould and promotes a healthy lifestyle.
Antolini® MilanoDuomo has arrived: the first Stoneroom® dedicated to natural stone. An exclusive space located in the Milano City Center, between Piazza Fontana and Via San Clemente, celebrating the natural splendor of over 1,300 Antolini®’s natural works - such as marbles, crystals, quartzites and Precioustone. This one of a kind hub transforms the gallery into a lab; an experience which stimulates the ideas of luxurious interior design, both contemporary and ancient at the same time. The facility o­ffers personalized services for clients, thanks to 360° consulting that starts with the technical characteristics of the stone, extending to the wonder of its aesthetic qualities, off­ering the realm of applications in interior design projects.
Through its constantly looking for innovation, Antolini® launches Azerocare®Plus: an evolution of the already revolutionary Azerocare® technology, created by Antolini® a few years earlier. Azerocare®Plus is a brand new process, made specifically for surfaces in marble, onyx and soft quartzite in LETHER and MATT finishes and for surfaces in travertine only in MATT finish offering protection against etching and staining caused by contact with acid-based, organic substances, such as lemon and wine.