Natural quartz

Natural quartz

Quartz is among the most common of all rock forming minerals and is found in many metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks, and those igneous rocks that are high in silica content. Quartz is a hard, trigonal mineral that may have varied colour combinations, it presents transparent, translucent properties and it can be backlit. It has high hardness, mechanical strength and heat resistance.

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Natural quartz is a precious natural stone of eternal beauty, embodying the perfect majesty of nature. The unique composition of this material distinguishes it by its timeless elegance and extraordinary durability.

Natural quartz by Antolini® for sophisticated environments

Natural quartz turns out to be a wonder of Mother Nature in the service of design, combining timeless beauty with extraordinary strength. Each slab tells its own story, shaped over time.

The durability of natural quartz makes it a valuable cladding that will stand the test of time without compromise. Its versatility offers endless creative possibilities, which Antolini® has perfected to enable architects and designers to realise projects that reflect them in any environment. 


Antolini® is the trusted partner for those who wish to introduce the magnificence of natural stones into their projects. The offering by Antolini® of a wide range of colours, textures and finishes allows for customised solutions to meet every design requirement.  

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