Onyx is a compact sedimentary rock is a type of limestone that formed by evaporation of cold water containing dissolved calcium, leaving a translucent variety of calcite, often in the form of stalagmites and stalactites inside caves. Its natural color is translucent white. The other colors usually come from minute concentrations of chemicals carried by water dripping into the cave. Onyx is extremely dense but lacking in bending strength. Thanks to unique translucent properties can be backlit.

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Onyx is a fascinating natural stone: its mysterious beauty captivates our eyes. Its translucency allows colours to be captured and reflected beautifully, creating evocative backlit designs. The nuances of onyx further amplify its appeal, making it an excellent choice for visually striking creations.

Onyx by Antolini®: a design made in Italy

Onyx is a highly aesthetic option for cladding and design. Its unique translucency, combined with the variety of colours available, makes it possible to create elegant and fascinating environments. If you are looking for a versatile and beautiful material for your project, onyx by Antolini® is the right choice. 

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