Azerocare Plus


Azerocare®Plus is a brand new, innovative Antolini process, made specifically for surfaces in marble, onyx and soft quartzite in LETHER, MATT and LUX finishes and for surfaces in travertine only in MATT finish. Tested in cycles of 24 hours, this process offers protection against etching and staining caused by contact with acid-based, organic substances, such as lemon and wine.

The finishes of natural stones are the new terms of a language that is increasingly widespread in today’s décor choices, for kitchen worktops and islands, facings of bathrooms and wall cabinets, desks and other vertical surfaces.

One of the first to intercept and encourage this trend, Antolini has been perfecting more tactile finishes like Matt and Lether for all the stones in the collection. These surfaces – especially the latter – enhance the material, revealing its fine, intricate grain while generating a unique, silky tactile sensation.


Azerocare®Plus represents a (R)evolution: the evolution, incorporation and development. Azerocare®Plus is Antolini®’s new technology that aligns trends, protects beauty and amplifies performance.
Lasting protection
For marbles, onyxes and soft quartzite surfaces in Lether and Matt finishes and for travertine surfaces only in MATT finish.
No staining
No etching
Tactile feeling
Natural color
Brings the veining to life
Suitable for food contact
ECO friendly
Permanent process
No reaction to UV rays (indoor)
No colour alteration
Easy to clean
Tested for 24 hours

Cleaning & maintenance

For your daily cleaning, use a wet NON abrasive cloth. To remove any surface dirt, simply use lukewarm water and neutral soap.